Take a closer look at our garments.


I Am A is proud of the product range and designs we have made.

Our aims are to supply the best quality garments that are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

All our garments have been sourced through a stringent ethical and environmental policy in mind.

I Am A only work with suppliers and partners that achieve a high standard on all the below standards.


Environmentally Friendly

Global Organic Textile Standard

High-level standards, environmental criteria for
textiles made from organic fibres.
Includes restricting use of chemical substances
and restrictions related to social criteria.

OCS 100

Certifies that the product is made with
100% organic cotton.

OCS Blended

Applies to all goods that contain a mix of organic
cotton blended with other fabrics such as recycled
polyester, natural fibres like linen, lenzing
modal or tencel.

Social Compliance & Code of Conduct

Fair Wear Foundation

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is a non-
governmental organisation that aims
at promoting legal and humane labour
conditions in the worldwide garment
industry right through the supply chain.
As a FWF member, our supplier works
in cooperation with factories towards
improving their working conditions.
The eight standards at the heart of
the FWF Code of Labour Practices
include: employment is freely chosen, no
discrimination in employment, reasonable
working hours, no exploitation of child
labour, freedom of association and the
right to collective bargaining, payment
of a living wage, safe and healthy
working conditions and a legally binding
employment relationship.

Oeko - Tex 

Controls and limits chemical use.
Independent testing and certification
system for textile products at all stages of
production along the textile value chain.