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Hi I am Dan,

I am the owner of I Am A.

In 2015 my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s two years ago.  At the age of 66 he is young and it is an aggressive form of Alzheimer’s.  The truth is the Alzheimer’s is just awful disease that attacks you in the cruellest of ways.  What I want to do is raise the awareness of the disease and do want I can to raise money to help combat it.

So, I decided this is the year of the runner.  In January, I decided to set myself the challenge of running a marathon.  So, in my bout of inspiration I applied for the Leeds half marathon, the Great North Run and the Yorkshire Marathon.  Expecting to only get into one of them, I got bloody accepted into all of them!

I completed the Leeds half marathon in May and designed and made the I Am A “RUNNER” sweatshirt to put on after the race.  From the moment, the I Am A campaign was born.  Over the last month and a half, we have built and designed a whole range of products and source ethically sourced organic cotton garments. 

The ethos and concept of the I Am A is to be proud of the sport you play, the way you train and help those who we can.  Therefore, we will be donating £10 for every adult "BALLER" and "RUNNER" item and £5 for every kid’s "BALLER" and "RUNNER" item sold to charity.  The I Am A campaign isn’t just about making a profit but about giving back. 

This is not just about another piece of sportswear, we are about quality garments and supporting good causes.


Thanks for visiting I Am A. If you would like any more details about any of our products or services or if you have any general questions please email: info@i-am-a.com or call us on 01653 691 777


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